Autism is not any disorder that can’t be treated nor is it any disease that children suffer from any deficiency. Autism is recognized as a ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) that implies a neural development disorder that affects the social interaction- verbal and nonverbal. It is daunting to identify the autism signs in the children till the age of 3 because of the very nature of the disorder. And, if not diagnosed the disorder can leave dramatic impact on a child.

There are certain toys and aids with which special needs children imagination can be given a spark and they can be developed again. Sensory toys are considered ideal and recommended by occupational therapists and teachers. Sensory toys are a different tactile toys that are beneficial for children to increase the efficacy of the children. In addition to, these sensory products build the sensory ‘feeling vocabulary’. With the help of toys a child learns to control the movements of stretch,push, pull, roll. The feeling of self-control is necessary to build to make them self-reliant. Playing with sensory toys brings them the opportunity to develop themselves and make them learn many new things. Parents of the special needs children in the beginning look for the products and aids that can contribute to their sensory development.

Often children with autism encounter certain problems in writing. In such a case Writing claw is a suggested solution. Using writing claw, a child becomes able to color within the lines, trace over a shape and join dotted lines to make pictures, blocks, letters and words. It is a fun product that makes children to hold the pencil correctly to bring improvement in handwriting. Writing claw is widely used among ASD, ADHD, children with developmental disabilities. With the regular use of writing claw kids becomes better to make a fine grip that improves handwriting significantly. It is highly recommended by therapistsas it gives approach to build their imagination. Children become more capable to differentiate between colors, textures and shapes. The product is available in attractive colors for children.

Helpthem Shine is a dedicated organization that deals in globally researched toys and aids to do away with learning disabilities in children. The company is a huge marketer of sensory toys and special aids that are recommended by occupational therapists.  The proper use of special toys help children to reach to their fullest potential and lead a happy life.Image


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