It seems technology is notably contributing in the autism field to to improve the lives of affected children. Latest buzz phrase is iPad application can help non verbal children to develop language skills of the children. Though globally researched products like Whisper Phone, also known as ‘phonics phones’ are an effective phoenic tool to work on communication skills. With Whisper Phone, a child gets to hear his voice clearly and thus it encourages the users to speak more quietly to form a conducive environment for effective communication. The idea is propounded by an eminent professor who believes that iPads encourages children to select options on the screen and listen to the instructions being spoken before repeating them.

It is believed that the use of iPad lets children to learn new words and to produce sentences. Parents may be benefitted if they are able to converse with their children. iPad is hoped to improve the communication that is remarkable in the development of autism field. With the iPad availability, children have the access to use symbols, gestures, pictures and speech output that offers a more accessible and user-friendly way to help children communicate effectively. There are products or special aids that are vital for the development of speech sounds like Ark Therapeutic has Grabber® that is safe mouthing device that helps as an alternative when children resort to chew unhealthy and dangerous food material.

HelpThem Shine is a trusted organization that deals in the development of Sensory toys to deal with learning disabilities in special needs children. Dealing with the non-verbal children is daunting for parents when their behavior can’t be predicted. It Is believed that if a child begins to adopt some language at the age of five, chances are high that they will develop good language skills over the time. Autism is no longer is daunting to deal with, lately we published the article content that reads ‘’Google Glass sets the new example of innovation in treating autism’’. It seems technology is significantly contributing to deal with the learning disabilities of autistic children. Let’s see how far iPad goes to improve and develop the language skills in children. We live in a computer world where technology has twirled the lives of many of us , even some of the non-verbal can use computer to communicate effectively


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