A recent study proposed that protein supplied via breastfeeding to children contributes to the development of autism. The study conducted at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine by Dr. Gary Steinman further enunciated that protein insulin growth factor (IGF) is linked with the numerous growth and neural functions. The Touro researcher explained the study that breastfeeding is possibly and a close source that leads to many deficiencies of the growth factor in newborns. Autistic growth in children leads to brain malfunctioning that delays the development but it is not like that the disorder can’t be treated. With services like ARK Therapeutic services children can be greatly benefitted with a unique line of oral motor tools, chewy tubes and plenty other that works on behavior simulation.

Dr. Steinman has also conducted extensive research into fertility and twinning and believes that increase in IGF is linked with a decreased incidence of autism. IGF is known to be closely associated in delaying growth and development of babies’ brain cells. Dr. Steinman says that if the infant receives protein by the way of breastfeeding or through other source can contribute to more effective brain function as the infant develops in to an active child. Breast milk served as a rich source of protein for infants that can also be delivered through bovine milk or can also be added as a supplement to various potable liquids. Autism is taking toll on children that leaves dramatic impact on families. Certain medical authorities and occupational therapists are actively involved in figuring out the likely causes for autism.

 How is autism treated?

Many of us live with a myth that autism is not curable. There are certain therapies, behavioral interventions and globally researched products that cater to the needs of sprciall needs children. Help them Shine is a devoted organization that is involved in the development of sensory toys, oral motor tools and Jaw Rehabilitation Program that significantly improve the lives of children. The ideal treatment plan should coordinate therapies and bevavior simuation techniques to meet the specific needs of individual children. 



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