Children of small age love to do art and craft that add to their fun. This is just a myth that autism children skills can’t be developed again. With some of the development products they can have fun while learning.  Wikki Stix is such an example of creative learning.  Many of the parents have tried WikkiStix products that contributed wonderfully in children development. Every child is special in nature and so are their needs. Some children love to engage in art and craft that sparkle their imagination. WikiStix products come non-toxic hence safe to use with children. These products are flexible, stickable, and non-allergic to children of small age.

I remember the day when Job, my child in his childhood days used to enjoy the company of Alex who was affected with autism. Though his parents got to know little late that he is growing with autism in him. Alex‘s life was struggleful, though he happened to be active and love to be busy with fellows and play things around. Alex was fond of playing art and craft kit. On his 3rd birthday I and Job decided to gift him a WikkiStix. It worked amazingly to enhance his education and sparkle the imagination. These products offered him a variety of fun crafts and served as another resource to add to his happiness. Occupational therapists have recommended him sensory toys to stimulate the sensory integration skills that worked wonder on him. Kristen, Alex’s mother reported that his school teacher was astonished to see him bloom in classroom that how he taught other kids to play with art and craft kit. The best part of WikkiStix products is these kits works as a sensory and engaging product that can be used to help children and even adults with special needs in special ways. Special needs children experts recommend the products that directly influences the education and learning of the children in a positive approach. Autistic children learning and development can be paced up with special products that bring fun and a colorful approach that have the power to build up the confidence and to widen their knowledge basket that eventually boost their imagination and self-esteem. WikkiStix are easy and fun to use with children and adults. These products forms as a basis for learning and cognitive development by giving them opportunities. Lets have a look on additional benefits of using WikkiStix:-

  • Helps generate verbal interaction skills
  • Improves focus and attention when used a quiet fidget tool
  • Assists in cognitive development with learning opportunities
  • Ideal to play in idle times when your child has not much to do that eventually helps in developing social skills keeping him engaged.
  •  Works as a medium to strengthen the grip for hand and finger that can be used as a precursor to point and press down.

Help them shine is a trusted brand for all the sensory toys that are globally researched and accepted worldwide. Some of their products work great on the special needs children. To improve the biting and chewing skills of the children Jaw Rehabilitation Program is an example of innovation.  This kit comes at an affordable price that includes Chewy Tubes and 25 Jaw Assessment forms to evaluate the performance of your child.


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