Nobody expected that Google glass could be an added resource to treat autistic children. For parents, predicting behavior of the autistic children is daunting. How Google Glass software can improve the lives of special needs children? This latest technology records facial expressions and vocal patterns to help the user to determine the current state of mind to improve the lives of the children to some extent.

With wide spread awareness and available aids dealing with the disorder has become somewhat easy. One of the organizations that is dedicatedly devoted towards nurturing the children with right guidance and sensory toys is HelpThem Shine. It is established with a mission to transform the lives of special needs children with some of its globally researched products. 

Autism experts highly recommend Jaw Rehabilitation program to the kids who are not able to eat properly due to poor chewing and biting skills. With chewy tubes, children develop the chewing and biting skills and eat properly. Problems aggravate when children throw tantrum over dinner table and be cranky. Autism is tagged with difficulty in predicting the child behavior, this problem becomes worse if the child is non-verbal. The idea striked and proposed by an engineer at Menlo Park when he thought that innovative Google Glass can be used as an emotion recognition technology that allows machines and humans to interact with greater ease. Many of the moms have tried Google Glass on their kids with great visible results. With Google Glass on you can simply record a video, capturing your child’s expressions and watching the same at a later date to analyze his reactions.    

Parents of the special needs children believe that this comes as a superb technology that allows them to catch the moments back and be able to see when you feel hard to help him out in certain circumstances. Many of the autism experts believe that Google Glass technology is the next phase in understanding and treating the disorder. This innovative eye-wear is profoundly helpful in interacting with others with right analysis of the social cues. Autistic children are subjected to behavior changes constantly and learning changes at the same pace seems challenging to many of the autism experts.  During the interview parents enumerated Google Glass is a powerful tool that lets them capture the reactions with video recording in real time and analyzing the same later. Some of the parents say that it really helped them to show autism to their fellows, class teachers and the people around.  


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