Special needs children have special set of needs and for special needs there comes special toys. Special needs children can be greatly benefitted with the sensory toys and activities to give them the sensory delight of seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling as part of a sensory diet. With the delight of sensory toys a child can regular activities can be planned and scheduled. Children with Autism can face the delayed sensory senses or may be absent in some of the cases. There are available plethora for sensory toys with which a certain sensation can be incorporated or attracted to such as lights, flashes or it may be loud noise .

Special needs children experts recommend some of the toys and aids with which children can be immensely benefitted.


 This special aid Theraputty is a color coded, resistive hand exercise material for resistive exercises.  This is considered as a useful product for children and adult patients to improve finger and hand strength.  It is also used to facilitate grasping patterns and pediatric clients. Theraputty can be used with al the ease by the children, as it can be squeezed that strengthens the muscles of fingers, hand and forearms. Furthermore, it is available in attractive colors in re-sealable plastic containers for individuals.


Theraband comes as a profoundly useful product for rehabilitation and other exercises. Theraband improves conditioning, body balance and building muscle strength. These fitness and rehab products are safe and easy to use as it comes latex-free with specialized exercise kits etc.


This community service provides ark therapeutic services in daycare centers, public and private schools. Occupational therapists recommend oral sensory motor intervention. ARK is devoted to provide all the facilities with its expanded portfolio for healthcare products.


This is absolutely a fun product for children with special needs. Children love to explore the art and craft kits. Wikki Stix works exactly as fun kits that children love to unleash their creativity. This is simple to use as it there is no need for glue, paste. This is highly recommended to build confidence and spark imagination in them.   This is must product for every autistic child. Wiki stix Is unbreakable and can easily be cut with scissors. These all products conform to U.S Consumer Safety Standards.


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