Many of us believe that education system is still not on par for special needs children. The school authorities are still not willing to accommodate these children. In a recent finding on Autism, it is found that children are devoid of the basic rights and privileges in education that they must be given as per certain norms of the child commission.

Recently, agitated parents of a seven-year-old child took the school authorities to the court when the differently able child was sacked from the school. Many Cases are found to register with State Commission for protection of child rights where children are left tormented to fight with the Neuro development disorder Autism.  Perhaps, educating children could pose several challenges in some circumstances. Autism is a neuro development disorder that impairs the brain functioning and impairs social and communication skills. Many of the special needs children experience language delays and consequently, affect their education in schools.    

Nationally, the rate of increasing diagnosed cases of ASD has pumped up the public awareness and recognition of the disorder. Child rights commission has accustomed certain privileges and concessions for special needs children. Children are left tormented to face the ramifications of ASD disorder. Parents register the complaints when they find their child’s education gets affected when they are not given the books in their preferred language or in certain cases, teachers doesn’t impart the fair education to them and differentiate.  Children with autism are not allowed to sit in exams like other kids.      

To deal with the parents regular concerns, a Public Trust Forum For Autism (FFA) was set up back in 2001.  This dedicated trust was established with a mission to understand the fears and concerns of the special needs children. Setting up this community was a huge success that has made children abler to express the needs and desires. Since each child is unique in nature and so are their needs. There have been certain techniques and aids to deal with each child’s difficulties. Probably, they may have a special tutor, occupational therapists that can greatly benefit them.

To bring a betterment in the lives of autistic children HelpThem Shine was established that is devoted towards encountering the challenges parents face in their routine and empower them upbringing their children courageously. Help Them Shine comes as a boon to the children with severe disabilities and offers numerous solutions in occupational therapies, oral motor tools and special rehab products like Thera Band for professional rehabilitation and fitness. This dedicated organization is devoted towards designing and developing the special aids and products that children with special needs require that eventually help them grow to their full potential.


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