It is proven now Autism can be treated with dozens of options. But parents who live with the autistic children each day wants to know the best treatment for autism to cure the children. Professors and special needs children experts say time and again that every child is special and so are their needs. There are available oral motor tools like sensory toys for treating autistic children. The treatments mentioned here in this article are among the best known and widely researched, and most likely to produce the positive and effective results.    

1. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

This is known as the oldest and after much research specifically developed for children with autism. Also known with its acronym ABA, It is believed to be the intensive system of reward based training that focuses on teaching particular skills. This particular therapy is found to be positive.    

2. Speech Therapy

Many children with autism have issues with speech language. People with autism are non-verbal or use speech very poorly. This is the prime reason why autistic children have poor interaction level with other children. Speech and language therapy is helpful for people with autism. Children of all the ages love to play with the toys. Whisper phone is the special toy that enhances speech and focuses on blending, proper sound use and fluency in the text.

3. Occupational Therapy

Children with autism experience delay in developing oral motor skills. Occupational therapy can be very important to build fine motor skills. Occupational therapists may undergo a sensory integration therapy that comes very useful to develop sensory integration like sound, light and touch in autistic children.

4. Social Skills Therapy

One of the impairment that autistic children face is poor social and communication skills.  Children with autism need to develop the interaction with other children, to promote a community. Social skills therapists can help these children to set up and facilitate the social interaction to make the community. Children love to play art and craft. There is a special product that works as an effective aid to facilitate the social skills and that is WikkiStix that is non-allergic and a perfect creative activity toy for children.    

5. Music Therapy

Music therapy is effective and delighting with children of all ages with severe disabilities. Good music therapy is able to bring about transition in social behavior and cognitive ability if done on prolonged basis.  Music is believed to be an effective way of communication and a best way to come close to understand their needs and desires, making them lead normal life like other children.

6. Behavior Therapy

Children with autism who find difficulty in expressing their needs and desires are often feel deserted. They are misunderstood and have a tough time communicating their needs.  Trained behavior therapists figure out and study the causes behind the negative behavior and recommend changes to bring positivity in their life and suggest reinforcement therapies for their improved behavior.

With some of the therapies, children with autism can be treated and their negative behavior can be overpowered. Every child with autism has a right to develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships to enjoy life. With better inventions and support available, children with autism can have better and positive outcomes in all spheres of life. 


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