‘’Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will’’ power packed words by one of the great leaders’’. Let me introduce myself, I am Max, instead it must be like Timid turned tumultuous boy. Recollecting the memories, I happened to be the most notorious child in the classroom believed Miss Milly, my Physical education teacher.  However, I was a poor cry baby that used to throw tantrums and be cranky while with parents when I was 3 years old autistic affected child.

Born with autism has tormented me on several occasions. I was looked down as an underdeveloped child by a few of my class fellows. Living everyday with autism was agonizing. What bothers me the most today is my parents, perhaps the best guardians had to live an equal a struggleful life with me.  I was diagnosed as an autistic child with speech and language impaired to a greater degree when I was 3years old. I was almost unable to speak to my parents even after having attained the age of 3, leaving them pestered every time. My neighbor aunty who happened to be equal to my guardian gifted me the WhisperPhone so that I could have been able to talk to her and my mum and pops. I had trouble starting a conversation and giving nods to my parents every time they called me. Perhaps, nothing could be more tumultuous than being unable to express your needs and desires. Rosy, my mom used to buy me pricey oral motor aids and innovative WikkiStix that could fasten the development process.

Children with autism are cognitively impaired in some of the cases. Fortunately, I was not the case of uneven skill development. But the blend of humiliation, will power with a hint of courage  infused in me the strength to combat the effects of autism. Time flew like anything and in due course of time I started learning and developing myself.  I was in a habitude to feed my diary each day, sharing my expressions and experiences with my dear diary. In last 12 years I never found such a companion than my diary. Autism has in a real sense developed me and strengthen my behavior towards the ordeals in life.

Thanks mama and daddy.

With little sunshine and rain I am able to grow again.


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