Children with autism experience trouble in biting and chewing. They often are reluctant when given food to eat. Chewy tubes are a special product that is researched globally and designed for children with autism. These are innovative products designed to provide a soft and chewable surface for developing biting and chewing skills. These products have been designed to keep in mind the needs of special needs children. Now dealing with children becomes relatively easier for parents. These products come as a non-toxic and latex free that make it harmless for children.

 Children with the autism disorder have undesirable behavior. Biting is seen as an aggressive behavior in autistic children.  Children tend to bite themselves or others for self-stimulating purposes.  Children affected with this disorder are often devoid of sensory processing.  Children tend to bite their hands as a way to reduce the anxiety by centralizing the discomfort in one location. Whilst other children  lack sensory awareness, thus require more intense input to feel the things around. Autistic children may bite themselves or others to receive sensory feedback they seek.                       

Help Them Shine is the trusted partner that deals with a wide variety of oral motor tools, aids and specially designed attractive toys for special needs children.  These products are globally researched and used by the therapists worldwide. Therapists choose chewy tubes for use in treatment of patients to develop initial oral motor skills or as a rehab and fitness product post surgery, trauma or even for stroke. Chewy tubes come in four attractive colors with slightly different features of all tubes. These products conform FDA standards and are CE marked.

Chewy tubes are suitable for children and adult patients who have poor biting and chewing skills. Even youngsters seeking additional proprioceptive input into the jaw may use chewy tubes. Chewy tubes are offered for tactile input for molar gum. It immensely improves jaw stability and provides valuable sensory input into the jaw. But parents need to be scrupulous while using chewy tube with children. A proper recommendation is needed from therapists and supervisors before using chewy tubes.


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