Every Child loves art and craft. Children at the small age love to scribble, draw what they love to do and hate if they are intruding. What if when the child is autistic. Due to the nature of the disorder some children affected with autism can’t write, draw and weak at learning the basic things. A product like Wikki Stix comes here as a blessing to these children.

Autism is distinguished by delays in language development and sometimes disrupts the social interaction skills. Autism is a little hard to diagnose at the early age. Scientists believe that autism is a genetic disorder that impairs the brain functioning. Some children are mildly affected, whilst in some of the cases it significantly disrupts the .  development process. Children  with autism have to lead a struggled life every day. They tend to throw tantrums while with parents or with teachers in the classroom. These children are better known as Special needs children since  these children have a special set of needs. God has made them universally special and infused the special abilities in these children.

Autism impairs the development skills of the children. Due to the delay in their development process autistic children are unable to make a grip to hold pencils, fork when they sit to eat. At first parents are not aware of the disorder and they fail to handle their kids.  For the children who unfortunately have a weak development disorder and poor in learning skills. Help them Shine has lately introduced the globally researched special aids for the special needs children to cater to the diversified needs of these children. Wikki Stix is a special  sort of the product that is designed especially for the children to make their learning a pure fun. Wikki Stix comes as a boon for the teachers and parents of the autistic children that provides unique and a creative tool to enhance the basic learning skills of the kids. According to the special needs children expert this is believed to be a versatile craft tool to improve the drawing and handwriting skills. This comes as absolute glue and latex free that doesn’t cause any harm to the children.

Dealing children with autism is not challenging as long as they cooperate with their parents  It’s not like special needs children are not innovative, with special researched aids their learning can be improved and craft skills can be enhanced.  With the advancements, special tools and aids available, children affected with Autism disorder can lead a normal and playful life like other normal children..


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