It is very tormenting to raise an autistic child for parents. But if they’d live with the burden then who is going to take care of the child who demands special attention.  It happened to be equally distressing when I write or share a story of my autistic child Alex .Sometimes I cursed myself when it seemed hard to reach my son and understanding all his affiliation needs.  Internally, I wished to be with him all the time, fearing that he won’t harm anybody due to his self-stimulating behavior.

Quite often we have heard that being a parent of Autistic child is agonizing.  It is only parents that could make the best to make feel their child special and confident. I feel elated every time as Alex was growing each day and enhanced his communication skills with other children. It was hard to diagnose and understand the disorder like Autism when Alex reached at the age of 2. Initially, I happened to be in pensive mood, just worrying about Alex’s future, tried to join autism groups, discovered facts about autism disorder, that eventually and immensely helped me a lot talking to several people pertaining to this.

One Autism products that immensely accelerated the learning skills of Alex is wishper phones.  Alex was profusely benefitted since he was poor conversing in a classroom with other children.  We have enjoyed every season with Alex. Today it feels like that two of us had seen our Alex growing each day. Autism has taught us amazing new things like to be at his side, giving him liberty to discover his needs and wants. Fortunately Alex couldn’t feel like he is living with Autism each day. Fortunately, Autism gave us immense strength and courage to nurture our child and cherished every moment spent with Alex.  Well, today we strongly recommend other parents of the children born with autism that your child is not a burden but a strength. The dark side of autism has such an influence on those who live with it every day.  My Thanks goes to Molly, my lovely spouse, Alena, Alex’s class teacher for making my son improved each day and contributed him to be a better person.

As parents we did whatever it took to make Alex behave and interact socially with other children.  I have always believed in establishing a healthier bond with Alex, as a father Alex has always been closer to my heart. Molly, Alex’s mother and I spared a chance to take Alex away for movies,gaming, sporting, adventure, dining so he might always feel free to discover new things and explore himself as much as he could.    


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