Gone are the days when parents had to struggle with the autistic children. Widespread awareness of this disorder has made parents smart enough to handle the children.  Autistic children’s life is not easy, each day they have to juggle with themselves to perform routine functions.

Children affected with Autism experiences biting behavior. Hand biting is a behavior that is common amongst autistic children. Biting is seen as an aggressive behavior.  In autistic children, biting is seen as aggressive and self-stimulating behavior. Some children with autism chew their hands, objects like clothes, paper or anything they see things around them. To overpower this trouble, there are available chewy tubes and vaierty of sensory toys in market that are specificially designed for autistic children. Children with this disorder are often affected by sensory processing disorders. Children find it difficult to regulate the sensory experiences. It is believed that children chew not to harm the objects but chewing gives them the sensation. Parents here need to monitor their activities and give them sensory toys to deal with them.

Children are seen chewing as a way to lessen the anxiety by centralizing the discomfort in one location. Whilst other children may be seen biting themselves or others in order to get sensory feedback they are seeking. It is found that children bite or harm themselves in order to avoid the aggression or to avoid overstimulation. Another troublesome behavior that parents have to deal with is Self-injurious behavior. This sort of behavior is exhibited by people with developmental disabilities. Some of the bad behavior includes – head banging, hand biting, intense self-rubbing and scratching. Children exhibit this behavior to vent out their feelings since they are socially challenged and unable to interact with others normally. Though biting can be overpowered and replaced with more pro-social behavior. Self injury is considered to be as extreme form of self-stimulation.

Autistic children experience the social impairments since they can’t interact with other children. Some children bite caregivers, siblings and people around them. Social impairments limit their communication and interactions so to occupy they harm themselves and sometimes biting hands. However, parents of these children can get them sensory toys and chewy tubes. Chewy tubes are new and an innovative oral motor tool that is specifically designed to develop biting and chewing skills.  Chewy can be used with adults with autism to preserve biting and chewing skills. Occupational therapies and sensory toys help them enhance the communication skills. Quality toys specifically designed for autism control their self-stimulating behavior and hone their skills.

Autistic children often exhibit self-stimulating behavior. Help them shine deals in specially designed products to deal with the hand biting and chewing skills of autistic children.


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