Autism children have to be dealt with all the patience in the initial phases. There are certain disabilities that make them do struggle in daily lives be it home or classroom. But Its not like Autism is irremediable. With many occupational therapists, helpful parents and trained teachers,  children  with autism can be treated in a significant way.

Special needs children face trouble in hand movements that impairs their writing skills. Children learn to write, learn and play from the school. Handwriting    which is very crucial for children that makes the very basis to learn. It is found in recent studies that children with autism develop poor handwriting skills. Since, early diagnosis of autism is little hard, parents often neglect this aspect of handwriting. Children learn to hold , promote a grip, good handwriting skills is developed in early childhood. But therapists say that children with autism can develop good handwriting skills with  writing CLAW.  This pencil grip works as a magic that makes fist grip ad create a true tripod grip in 60 seconds. 

I exactly remember that day when Robin and I used to work in the same company some two years back . Robin was in profound grief when he got to know that his child – Addie was born with Autism. His tensions mounted when Addie started growing and showed signs of autism. What worried him more was Addie’s poor handwriting skills since he was very unable to hold spoons, pencil, and acquired a bad handwriting over a period of time. Robin happened to be a sincere professional in the company and my best buddy. Two of us used to share the experiences with one another in our lives. On a fine day Robin invited me to Addie’s third birthday, I was excited enough to be a part of the celebration of his dear baby. 

I got the amazing birthday present for Addie- Writing CLAW which I had been thinking to give him from quite some time. I hoped that he’d certainly love to get that. I was welcomed in a most loving fashion there at Robin’s house by his beautiful spouse. After the grandeur dinner I gifted the Addie his present in a most surprising fashion. Whoa! Bringing a smile on a little baby face is immense pleasure.

 After the dinner session, we talked aimlessly and I taught Addie the usage of writing CLAW. Nothing other than this gift  

could have been able to develop his handwriting skills. It helped him to develop the motor muscles in the fingers and

 regained the confidence in learning.


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