Autism is not an irremediable disorder, autistic children can be better treated with better care and treatment. Children with autism can play with other normal children, can lead a normal life.  Each child or adult with autism is special so a autism treatment plan must be tailor made to address the specific needs 

 The autism intervention plan can include behavior simulation techniques, medication or both. If diagnosed early, autism can be treated a better way. Early intensive simulation techniques involve an affected child’s family to work in close collaboration with the team of professionals. Today, therapists come home to deliver the services that include parent training with therapy sessions under the careful guidance of the supervisor. With proper training sessions by the time a child enters into school they get well versed with the social skills and in other approaches.

  One such approach in making autistic children deal with learning disabilities is  Jaw Rehabilitation Progam that benefits immensely.  This program involves step-by-step series of goals designed to develop biting and chewing skills. It includes the products like chewy tubes, knobby Q. Knobby offers a flexible, chewy surface to develop the biting and chewing skills. The chewy tubes is absolutely harmless for toddlers as these don’t contain latex, PVC, lead. Help them Shine is a dedicated and friendly partner that deals in a wide range of autism products for children. Chewy tubes are available in large assortments and comes in baby friendly colors like red, green , and yellow. Chewy tubes are equally beneficial for adults with autism to develop the biting and chewing skills. Furthermore, these tubes last for a longer time. Chewy tubes are an ideal tool to resume the biting skills in adults. The jaw rehabilitation program is used with efficacy

 To bring transition to oral feeding from G tube

  • To bring better coordination of the vertical movements of the jaw
  • To foster repetitive jaw function for mastication of firm textures.
  • It is immensely helpful for those who delayed in oral motor function development  for biting and chewing skills.

 The dedicated Jaw Rehabilitation Program is beneficial for individuals with autism and other neuromuscular disorders. This program offers a sequential step wise procedure to strengthen mandibular function needed for mastication skill. 
 Help them Shine introduces a Jaw Rehabilitation Program that develops biting and chewing skills in children with autism. Help Them Shine brings globally researched products at affordable prices that makes learning fun for the special needs children.


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