Every child is special in nature. Every child has a special set of needs.  I remember those days when Alex was 2 years old and he happened to be so cranky at the dinner table.  He used to hate almost every food, regardless of the delicacies I used to serve him.  I, and Robert used to live in pensive mood, had sleepless nights, we were not aware of the disorder , it seemed like hard to figure out- what could disturb Alex.

 One fine morning, I got to meet Robert’s colleague in his office. He discussed with me and educated me that this disorder is referred to as Autism and special needs children are better known as Autism children.  At first it was hard to believe that Alex was not a normal child like others. Gradually, he told me that how the life of these children is little different from the normal children. He added,  that these children  are affected with interaction skills, chewing skills. And, to handle with these disabilities, there are available some special toys in the market. He was carrying with himself the Chewy Tubes, that helped him to demonstrate me the usage of this toy, telling me that how his 3 year old neighbor’s daughter overpowered this ordered and succeeded to  handle with disabilities. He, in a very simple way described that chewy tubes are a kind of oral motor device made specially to improve the chewing skills and for practicing biting to stimulate the appetite. He educated me that chewy tubes helped to develop the jaw motion for biting and chewing skills. I thought wisely and did not wait for the following day and bought the learning toys for Alex so he might develop and hone the skills while he grows. 

 Robert and I started encouraging Alex to play with the toys he love like whisper phone. Getting him Chewy Tubes is  what immensely benefited Alex. He started loving the food  and in due course of time, he honed his biting and chewing skills. All our worries seemed to be vanished when Alex started to grow like naturally like other kids. Robert and I were the happiest parents who have seen the hardships in the initial phase when Alex needed us the most and we were able to supply with him all the happiness he deserved. 


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