Autism is not any disorder that can’t be treated nor is it any disease that children suffer from any deficiency. Autism is recognized as a ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) that implies a neural development disorder that affects the social interaction- verbal and nonverbal. It is daunting to identify the autism signs in the children till the age of 3 because of the very nature of the disorder. And, if not diagnosed the disorder can leave dramatic impact on a child.

There are certain toys and aids with which special needs children imagination can be given a spark and they can be developed again. Sensory toys are considered ideal and recommended by occupational therapists and teachers. Sensory toys are a different tactile toys that are beneficial for children to increase the efficacy of the children. In addition to, these sensory products build the sensory ‘feeling vocabulary’. With the help of toys a child learns to control the movements of stretch,push, pull, roll. The feeling of self-control is necessary to build to make them self-reliant. Playing with sensory toys brings them the opportunity to develop themselves and make them learn many new things. Parents of the special needs children in the beginning look for the products and aids that can contribute to their sensory development.

Often children with autism encounter certain problems in writing. In such a case Writing claw is a suggested solution. Using writing claw, a child becomes able to color within the lines, trace over a shape and join dotted lines to make pictures, blocks, letters and words. It is a fun product that makes children to hold the pencil correctly to bring improvement in handwriting. Writing claw is widely used among ASD, ADHD, children with developmental disabilities. With the regular use of writing claw kids becomes better to make a fine grip that improves handwriting significantly. It is highly recommended by therapistsas it gives approach to build their imagination. Children become more capable to differentiate between colors, textures and shapes. The product is available in attractive colors for children.

Helpthem Shine is a dedicated organization that deals in globally researched toys and aids to do away with learning disabilities in children. The company is a huge marketer of sensory toys and special aids that are recommended by occupational therapists.  The proper use of special toys help children to reach to their fullest potential and lead a happy life.Image



It seems technology is notably contributing in the autism field to to improve the lives of affected children. Latest buzz phrase is iPad application can help non verbal children to develop language skills of the children. Though globally researched products like Whisper Phone, also known as ‘phonics phones’ are an effective phoenic tool to work on communication skills. With Whisper Phone, a child gets to hear his voice clearly and thus it encourages the users to speak more quietly to form a conducive environment for effective communication. The idea is propounded by an eminent professor who believes that iPads encourages children to select options on the screen and listen to the instructions being spoken before repeating them.

It is believed that the use of iPad lets children to learn new words and to produce sentences. Parents may be benefitted if they are able to converse with their children. iPad is hoped to improve the communication that is remarkable in the development of autism field. With the iPad availability, children have the access to use symbols, gestures, pictures and speech output that offers a more accessible and user-friendly way to help children communicate effectively. There are products or special aids that are vital for the development of speech sounds like Ark Therapeutic has Grabber® that is safe mouthing device that helps as an alternative when children resort to chew unhealthy and dangerous food material.

HelpThem Shine is a trusted organization that deals in the development of Sensory toys to deal with learning disabilities in special needs children. Dealing with the non-verbal children is daunting for parents when their behavior can’t be predicted. It Is believed that if a child begins to adopt some language at the age of five, chances are high that they will develop good language skills over the time. Autism is no longer is daunting to deal with, lately we published the article content that reads ‘’Google Glass sets the new example of innovation in treating autism’’. It seems technology is significantly contributing to deal with the learning disabilities of autistic children. Let’s see how far iPad goes to improve and develop the language skills in children. We live in a computer world where technology has twirled the lives of many of us , even some of the non-verbal can use computer to communicate effectively


A recent study proposed that protein supplied via breastfeeding to children contributes to the development of autism. The study conducted at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine by Dr. Gary Steinman further enunciated that protein insulin growth factor (IGF) is linked with the numerous growth and neural functions. The Touro researcher explained the study that breastfeeding is possibly and a close source that leads to many deficiencies of the growth factor in newborns. Autistic growth in children leads to brain malfunctioning that delays the development but it is not like that the disorder can’t be treated. With services like ARK Therapeutic services children can be greatly benefitted with a unique line of oral motor tools, chewy tubes and plenty other that works on behavior simulation.

Dr. Steinman has also conducted extensive research into fertility and twinning and believes that increase in IGF is linked with a decreased incidence of autism. IGF is known to be closely associated in delaying growth and development of babies’ brain cells. Dr. Steinman says that if the infant receives protein by the way of breastfeeding or through other source can contribute to more effective brain function as the infant develops in to an active child. Breast milk served as a rich source of protein for infants that can also be delivered through bovine milk or can also be added as a supplement to various potable liquids. Autism is taking toll on children that leaves dramatic impact on families. Certain medical authorities and occupational therapists are actively involved in figuring out the likely causes for autism.

 How is autism treated?

Many of us live with a myth that autism is not curable. There are certain therapies, behavioral interventions and globally researched products that cater to the needs of sprciall needs children. Help them Shine is a devoted organization that is involved in the development of sensory toys, oral motor tools and Jaw Rehabilitation Program that significantly improve the lives of children. The ideal treatment plan should coordinate therapies and bevavior simuation techniques to meet the specific needs of individual children. 




Children of small age love to do art and craft that add to their fun. This is just a myth that autism children skills can’t be developed again. With some of the development products they can have fun while learning.  Wikki Stix is such an example of creative learning.  Many of the parents have tried WikkiStix products that contributed wonderfully in children development. Every child is special in nature and so are their needs. Some children love to engage in art and craft that sparkle their imagination. WikiStix products come non-toxic hence safe to use with children. These products are flexible, stickable, and non-allergic to children of small age.

I remember the day when Job, my child in his childhood days used to enjoy the company of Alex who was affected with autism. Though his parents got to know little late that he is growing with autism in him. Alex‘s life was struggleful, though he happened to be active and love to be busy with fellows and play things around. Alex was fond of playing art and craft kit. On his 3rd birthday I and Job decided to gift him a WikkiStix. It worked amazingly to enhance his education and sparkle the imagination. These products offered him a variety of fun crafts and served as another resource to add to his happiness. Occupational therapists have recommended him sensory toys to stimulate the sensory integration skills that worked wonder on him. Kristen, Alex’s mother reported that his school teacher was astonished to see him bloom in classroom that how he taught other kids to play with art and craft kit. The best part of WikkiStix products is these kits works as a sensory and engaging product that can be used to help children and even adults with special needs in special ways. Special needs children experts recommend the products that directly influences the education and learning of the children in a positive approach. Autistic children learning and development can be paced up with special products that bring fun and a colorful approach that have the power to build up the confidence and to widen their knowledge basket that eventually boost their imagination and self-esteem. WikkiStix are easy and fun to use with children and adults. These products forms as a basis for learning and cognitive development by giving them opportunities. Lets have a look on additional benefits of using WikkiStix:-

  • Helps generate verbal interaction skills
  • Improves focus and attention when used a quiet fidget tool
  • Assists in cognitive development with learning opportunities
  • Ideal to play in idle times when your child has not much to do that eventually helps in developing social skills keeping him engaged.
  •  Works as a medium to strengthen the grip for hand and finger that can be used as a precursor to point and press down.

Help them shine is a trusted brand for all the sensory toys that are globally researched and accepted worldwide. Some of their products work great on the special needs children. To improve the biting and chewing skills of the children Jaw Rehabilitation Program is an example of innovation.  This kit comes at an affordable price that includes Chewy Tubes and 25 Jaw Assessment forms to evaluate the performance of your child.



Nobody expected that Google glass could be an added resource to treat autistic children. For parents, predicting behavior of the autistic children is daunting. How Google Glass software can improve the lives of special needs children? This latest technology records facial expressions and vocal patterns to help the user to determine the current state of mind to improve the lives of the children to some extent.

With wide spread awareness and available aids dealing with the disorder has become somewhat easy. One of the organizations that is dedicatedly devoted towards nurturing the children with right guidance and sensory toys is HelpThem Shine. It is established with a mission to transform the lives of special needs children with some of its globally researched products. 

Autism experts highly recommend Jaw Rehabilitation program to the kids who are not able to eat properly due to poor chewing and biting skills. With chewy tubes, children develop the chewing and biting skills and eat properly. Problems aggravate when children throw tantrum over dinner table and be cranky. Autism is tagged with difficulty in predicting the child behavior, this problem becomes worse if the child is non-verbal. The idea striked and proposed by an engineer at Menlo Park when he thought that innovative Google Glass can be used as an emotion recognition technology that allows machines and humans to interact with greater ease. Many of the moms have tried Google Glass on their kids with great visible results. With Google Glass on you can simply record a video, capturing your child’s expressions and watching the same at a later date to analyze his reactions.    

Parents of the special needs children believe that this comes as a superb technology that allows them to catch the moments back and be able to see when you feel hard to help him out in certain circumstances. Many of the autism experts believe that Google Glass technology is the next phase in understanding and treating the disorder. This innovative eye-wear is profoundly helpful in interacting with others with right analysis of the social cues. Autistic children are subjected to behavior changes constantly and learning changes at the same pace seems challenging to many of the autism experts.  During the interview parents enumerated Google Glass is a powerful tool that lets them capture the reactions with video recording in real time and analyzing the same later. Some of the parents say that it really helped them to show autism to their fellows, class teachers and the people around.  



Special needs children have special set of needs and for special needs there comes special toys. Special needs children can be greatly benefitted with the sensory toys and activities to give them the sensory delight of seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling as part of a sensory diet. With the delight of sensory toys a child can regular activities can be planned and scheduled. Children with Autism can face the delayed sensory senses or may be absent in some of the cases. There are available plethora for sensory toys with which a certain sensation can be incorporated or attracted to such as lights, flashes or it may be loud noise .

Special needs children experts recommend some of the toys and aids with which children can be immensely benefitted.


 This special aid Theraputty is a color coded, resistive hand exercise material for resistive exercises.  This is considered as a useful product for children and adult patients to improve finger and hand strength.  It is also used to facilitate grasping patterns and pediatric clients. Theraputty can be used with al the ease by the children, as it can be squeezed that strengthens the muscles of fingers, hand and forearms. Furthermore, it is available in attractive colors in re-sealable plastic containers for individuals.


Theraband comes as a profoundly useful product for rehabilitation and other exercises. Theraband improves conditioning, body balance and building muscle strength. These fitness and rehab products are safe and easy to use as it comes latex-free with specialized exercise kits etc.


This community service provides ark therapeutic services in daycare centers, public and private schools. Occupational therapists recommend oral sensory motor intervention. ARK is devoted to provide all the facilities with its expanded portfolio for healthcare products.


This is absolutely a fun product for children with special needs. Children love to explore the art and craft kits. Wikki Stix works exactly as fun kits that children love to unleash their creativity. This is simple to use as it there is no need for glue, paste. This is highly recommended to build confidence and spark imagination in them.   This is must product for every autistic child. Wiki stix Is unbreakable and can easily be cut with scissors. These all products conform to U.S Consumer Safety Standards.



Autism is a disorder but it’s not like it can’t be treated. There are certain children who find difficulty in chewing and biting. The Jaw Rehabilitation Program is a step-by-step program of treatment that is developed to bring significant outcomes in enhancing biting and chewing skills. Special toys like sensory and oral motor aids strengthen functional patterns of mandibular movement. For this purpose, many researchers and special needs children experts recommend Chewy Tubes. Many of the parents use chewy tubes as an oral motor device designed to develop biting and chewing skills of their children. They are safe to use with small children and effective tool that many therapists recommend to treat patients to develop initial oral motor skills. With this therapy children are benefitted to great extent as they learn not to bite their own fingers but food.      

If diagnosed early, autism can be treated at a small age without much adverse ramifications of the disorder. There are early intensive behavior simulation techniques with which a child’s behavior can be treated a better way. There are available certain therapies that can be used from home that includes parents training with special therapy sessions. Children learn these approaches and become able to develop their social and interaction skills.       

To deal with the fears and concerns of parents and autistic children, Help them Shine was established. Help Them Shine deals in oral motor aids and special products for special needs children and special aids and tools for the children with ADD/ADHD or Asperger’s, learning difficulties and disabilities. This concern runs on the mission to understand the unique needs and requirements of every special child and help the parents to make children able to grow to their full potential. Every autistic child has the right to express his needs and fears with some of the dedicated behavior simulation techniques their life can be better improved